Top Recipes For Your Summer Cocktails

As I write this, it’s approaching the mid thirties and this article could not be more needed! Many people across the world are basking in the summer and looking for ways to cool down. One of the most popular is to sit in the garden while enjoying a chilled drink – and that’s exactly where we want to help. If you’re after some recipes of how to mix your favourite vineyard tipple then read on…

Hush Heath Estate’s Recipe For Success

An ice cold cocktail or two in the garden sounds quite perfect and reminiscent of being beachside in the Mediterranean. Hush Heath Hospitality - connected to wine producer Hush Heath Estate, have recently launched their own list of cocktails, all based around Balfour wines or Hush Heath Estate produce, and all available to enjoy at any of the Hush Heath Hospitality Pubs! If you’d like to try your own, here’s what’s needed, simple mix together in your glass:

Leslie's Royale - Balfour Leslie's Reserve, Crème de Cassis

Spirit of Kent - Balfour Nannette's Rose, pink gin, lemonade, angostura bitters

Summer Orchard - Balfour Apple Sparkling wine, vodka, sugar syrup, elderflower tonic

Luke's English Garden - Luke's Tree Apple Juice, elderflower cordial, lemonade, lime juice, cucumber and mint to garnish

Biddenden and Chapel Down Combine  

This is a very simple cocktail idea which pairs both Biddenden sparkling wine with Chapel Down’s Pinot Noir gin – need we say any more? Gin is one of England’s most popular drinks and especially during the summer this is sure to both excite the taste buds, and cool you down. To create a change on the usual tonic, pair 25ml Pinot Noir Gin with Biddenden’s Gribble Bridge Pinot Reserve 2014 to taste. Once you’ve mixed, why not top with a handful of luscious seasonal berries?


Sticking with the theme of the moment, utilising gin in the summer cocktails seems almost necessary! Putting together Gusbourne’s Blanc De Blanc with your favourite Kentish gin is a winning pair, but if you put in a little lemon juice, sugar syrup and lemon zest you have made the popular French 75. Just be a little careful with this one, as it’s name origin entails – containing such a kick that when you drink it, it’s feel like being hit by the Howitzer 75mm field gun!

Simpsons Wine Estate

When you think of summer, one wine which comes to mind is rosé – whether it be dreaming of Provence fields or beachfront relaxing, it is the epitome of summer wine. Combining Simpsons’ Railway Hill rosé is this simple spritzer. Pull together in your glass 100ml of the wine, 30ml of syrup grenadine syrup, a few summery berries, a slice of lemon and a bottle club soda (to top up) and away you go (to the beach if you so wish!).


We’re missing one drink on this recipe list and that’s the Brut! Squerryes 2014 Brut, which won a Platinum award in the 2019 Decanter World Wine Awards is one of the mainstays of this cocktail – the Melon on the Rocks. Combine together the Brut, with a dash of fresh lime juice, chilled lemonade and some slices of watermelon – perfect for chilling yourself in the garden.