Sip, Stride and Cycle

Sometimes there is nothing better than sitting down with friends and relaxing with a glass of chilled crisp wine, touring around a vibrant vineyard or cycling around the countryside. What better way to go on an adventure like this, than exploring the attractive Kent landscape? You’d be hard pressed to think of anywhere better!

So, whether you’re a Pinot Noir novice or a Chardonnay connoisseur it's time to fasten your helmet, grab your bike and take a two-wheeled trip around the Kentish countryside.

Hush Heath Estate

Sit back and sip some wonderful wines at the tempting Hush Heath Estate. As you wander the marked trail, see if you can spot the wildlife that roams through the estate. Enjoy a gentle stroll through the ancient oak woodlands, vivid wildflower meadows and fruity apple orchards. Then head back into The View tasting room for a complementary sample of the beautiful Balfour wines and an outstanding scene of the sweeping landscape. Feeling adventurous? Why not join an all-inclusive cycle tour to the award-winning vineyard with ‘Cycle the Vineyards’ for a wheelie good day out? After a long day of wine tasting and cycling, why not relax at the Ghoudhurst Inn? It’s just a short pedal away from the estate and you can enjoy a delicious meal paired with their superb Balfour wines.

Biddenden Vineyard

You’ll be in high spirits after visiting Kent’s original vineyard which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Delve into a delicious deluge of award-winning wines at Biddenden vineyard, including their sumptuous signature wine ‘Orgeta’. Sample a snifter of the different varieties of grapes from both French and German descent along with an array of di-vine white, red, rose and sparkling wines. Why not hire a bicycle and check out the charming Kent countryside at your own pace? There’s lots of things to explore along the delightful Kentish landscape. You could even hire an electric bike to take the strain off for an even more relaxing day out.

Domaine Evremond

Experience the community of the family-focused Domaine Evremond. Chill out in charming Chilham and taste some succulent sparkling wine in the aesthetic expanse of the Kentish countryside. Head just outside of Canterbury to the popular Pilgrims Cycle Trail which connects Chilham to its neighbouring villages. Why not get away from the hustle of the roads and travel traffic-free along the secluded cycle routes to give your experience that extra personal touch? Cycle through the intricate streets and out into the vast scenery to complete your relaxing journey.

Chapel Down

Enjoy an ethereal experience at Chapel Down, with a delightful day of touring and tasting their range of wonderful wines. Feel fresh after sampling the unique aromatic white wines or relaxing, rich Chablis-esque Chardonnay. Then, amble along the 22 acres of vineyard and pause to ponder the picturesque views of natural beauty. You could cycle down from the near town of Tenterden, taking in the serene views and experience the homely hospitality of the locals. Feeling peckish? Why not make a meal out of it and try something from the fabulous food menu, paired with your choice of tipple?


Amble through the ancient Appledore estate, dating back to the early 1400s and enjoy a range of fine wines you are sure to adore. With wines solely produced from their own vineyards, you can taste the results of perfectly aged wines at the glamorous Gusbourne estate. Classic choices of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Menuier are sourced from a luscious 60 hectares of gorgeous greenery which you can saunter through in a self-guided tour. Just a short pedal from Tenterden, Appledore is an adorable village with plenty of places to visit on your bike ride. Why not explore the reclusive rich greenery of Stone in Oxney, just a stone’s throw from Appledore village?

Simpsons Wine Estate

Fancy something a little different? This wine experience is for you, with a wide range of diverse tours, wine tasting and the world’s first winery helter-skelter slide! Step away from the simmering summer heat to the Simpson vineyard which is situated in the sheltered slopes of the North Downs. Have a sip of elegance at the Glasshouse Tasting Room and indulge in the fruity notes of their deliciously refined wine. Then, cycle through Canterbury to the historical countryside that’s rich in heritage, if you are feeling adventurous you could even follow the footsteps of Pilgrims all the way to Farnham through the North Downs Way National Trail.


Want some award-winning wine? Squerryes tickle your taste-buds, with its name meaning ‘permitted to be joyful’ you can expect to be just that! Whether you try Brut, Rose or sparkling wine, you can truly experience joy in a bottle. Why not make the most of your green surroundings and cycle through Squerreys Park Common? There’s plenty of places to catch your breath near the rippling river too, so why not hit the bike trails through the Garden of England this summer?